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Family is everything

I noticed again today, family is the most important in my life. You can laugh with them without feeling awkward. A few month ago at school in my sociology class we had the topic 'family' to that time didn't know what family meant to me. But now I know how to defined it it's a group of people who know you better than you know yourself. They are people who always stay by yourself no matter what happens. People who you can tell everything and they won't judge you. Even when there's trouble and fight they mostly don't fall apart and can forgive each other. If you fall you know there is always somebody to catch you before you hit the ground. FAMILY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT.❤
2.8.15 00:46


Friends and changes

I never was a communicative person, I suffer in silent. But a few weeks ago I reached a point that I have to change my life. My 'friends' or like I call them 'people I hang out with to be not alone' the first one is D. a freaky 1D, YouTube, 5sos fangirl, second is I. she's heartbroken cause her internet boyfriend broke up. She's still crying. Well I think it was just a catfish, but it might be possible that I watched too much Catfish-The Show. Then there are two girls, no in my opinion they're sex addicted bitches, first one K. the other K, are only talking about the one thing. And that is f**king annoying and sometimes I'm disgusted. All of these girls are in my class but there are more girls, the I call them 'normal ones' they talk about parties on the next weekend and boys. Just like normal teenage girls at the age from fourteen to sixteen. I don't speak to the others really much, barely never. But I wanna change it, cause I'm done with my 'friends'. they only hang out alone at home and do nothing but surfing on the internet or watching videos on YouTube. I wanna be like the others. I still have a plan how to change, and I hope it works.
1.8.15 15:57


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